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View TV Group Announces the first 73 channels built on FAST2.0

View TV Group Announces the first 73 channels to be built on FAST2.0 Los Angeles CA – April 5, 2022 – In the run up to NAB 2022, View TV Group have announced that the initial tranche of AVOD content producers and owners have aligned with the FAST2.0 Standard. 

View TV Group Announces, Jamie Branson

“This is a great response to our publication of the standard” said Jamie Branson, CEO View TV Group. “Some of the comments we have heard from content producers and owners includes, ‘this will get me back into broadcast’ and ’it revitalizes the broadcast industry,’ and the content that will be built into channels covers all genres” added Jamie.

Building this diverse content into niche and branded channels to the FAST2.0 Standard provides owners with the ability to broadcast on FAST platforms and on traditional network, satellite or cable TV and attract premium brands and higher yielding adverts.

All of the AVOD and newly built channels will appear on the View TV Group Connected Television (CTV) platform, Kapang broadcasting in the UK and US. The channel feed will then be available for the customer to place it on any other platform free of any fixed charge / connector fee and using View TV Group’s broadcast content delivery networks (CDN).

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