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View TV Group Announces FAST2.0 the Next Generation Standard for Broadcast-Grade Connected TV

Los Angeles CA – April 4, 2022 – In the run up to NAB 2022, View TV Group have announced that the open-source FAST2.0 Standard is now available.

“The standard provides a step-change for content producers, content and channel owners to open up their inventory to traditional network, satellite or cable TV and brands with the advertisers they normally use.” said Jamie Branson, CEO View TV Group. “We see this standard as providing a way to attract those who may not see the normal format and presentation of FAST channels as an appropriate broadcast environment for their ad dollars” he added.

fAST2.0, Jamie Branson

The viewer wants to watch what they enjoy with a quality and convenient user experience at the lowest price. This has not generally changed since TV began. Currently, FAST / OTT Over-The-Top television provides some of what the viewer wants to watch at the lowest price. However, this frequently prevents premium TV i.e. live sports, live news & premium entertainment from being offered and quality of user experience is often lower.

To overcome these and other embedded deficiencies of FAST, we have introduced our approach called FAST2.0 as a statement of intent and specification framework to converge the best of traditional TV with the best of FAST with the intention of increasing the engagement of premium brands, advertisers and networks ​and getting a better deal for content and channel owners.All channels on the View TV Group Connected Television (CTV) platform, Kapang broadcasting in the UK and US will comply with FAST2.0 to bring about these benefits

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