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View TV Connect delivers amazing monetization for Broadcasters

View TV Connect delivers amazing monetization for Broadcasters. It is a fantastic product to dynamically link video content owners, linear channel broadcasters and advertisers together addressably. By using the View TV Cloud to maximise revenues for content owners and broadcasters to provide a transparent and trustworthy solution for video advertisers.

View TV Connect enables broadcasters to amazingly monetize linear & on-demand content FAST.

No FAST Revenue Shares

The product does not retain any FAST Revenue shares and is only charged as a SaaS model on successful transactions to provide a revenue position solution.

No Costs for Distribution

Send your channels and content to multiple platforms and websites using the same solution with no additional fixed costs, send your channels and content everywhere.

Revenue earnings are updated every few minutes

Do not receive revenue reports for your distribution earnings, View TV Connect provides access to the View TV Cloud providing live data confirmed every hour split by platform, content and channel so you can react and reschedule for constant yield management.

Contact the team at https://viewtvgroup.com 

View TV Connect, Jamie Branson
View TV Connect

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