Jamie Branson

Streaming Media Mentor & FAST Channel Expert

Cash is King for Streaming TV Broadcasters

CASH IS KING for Streaming TV broadcasters and content distributors looking to retain their existing business, grow their reach and keep audiences entertained.

View TV Cloud was launched to allow streaming TV channels of all sizes to broadcast, distribute, monetize and report across their business with ease using information updated hourly for true reactive business management. 

View TV Cloud allows any broadcaster using any playout provider or content scheduler to distribute across global platforms with 100% monetization with a single cost which includes Broadcast-grade CDN, SSAI, CTV Ad-trading and 24/7 Monitoring without sacrificing any revenue share.

View TV Cloud will also launch every channel on Kapang to take any linear FAST Channels or VOD asset and monetize using advertising (AVOD) or using a viewer subscription membership.

So, what is cash – Cash is KING

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