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Red Bee enters FAST market with Red Bee Pulse

Red Bee enters FAST market with Red Bee Pulse – Red Bee Media, the media services provider, has announced the addition of Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV (FAST) services to its Red Bee Pulse product.

Red Bee’s scalable OTT virtual channel and advanced ad insertion capabilities help organisations launch FAST services quickly and grow digital audiences. Harnessing its established partnerships with ad tech and personalisation specialist Nowtilus and ad serving and SSP capabilities of Equativ, Red Bee says it is helping customers optimise content monetisation and ensure a seamless end-to-end advertising workflow.

Red Bee’s FAST services include support for live and video-on-demand sources, compatibility with third-party scheduling software, and flexible channel management and creation. Red Bee Pulse allows customers to distribute content across connected TVs, OTT- and other third-party platforms, as well as native TV apps.

“FAST represents an interesting opportunity for media organisations, enabling tailored, lean-back viewing experiences, serving the free TV audience” said Steve Russell, Chief Product Officer at  Red Bee Media. “Red Bee has invested in services that enable customer growth in a convergent and rapidly evolving media landscape. Working closely with partners like Nowtilus, we can deliver competitive solutions to enable brands to launch new services, to adapt and thrive.”

Patrick Knippel, Co-founder and Managing Director of Nowtilus, added: “We’re excited to take our partnership with Red Bee Media from strength to strength by enabling FAST channel rollouts for exciting media brands. With our powerful Serverside.ai dynamic ad insertion platform, customers will be able to bring highly-personalised FAST viewing experiences to their audiences across new and emerging platforms and devices.”

News Source: Advanced Television

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