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Streaming Media Mentor & FAST Channel Expert

Kapang unfreezes FAST distribution with a 7-day launch for OTT FAST channels via existing service providers

Kapang opens platform to OTT FAST channels – FAST Broadcaster. Kapang is a platform developed to appreciate audience demands following cord-cutting trends.

Kapang delivers broadcast television channels & niche audience channels across 14 genres.

Although Kapang is dedicated to providing a Streaming TV Cable experience, an additional genre has recently been added for OTT FAST channels allowing up to 100 compliant linear OTT FAST channels to feature on the platform.

OTT Channels will be added to Kapang in the UK & USA based on a revenue-share-only revenue model using the existing technology provider & ad-fill partner.

Kapang usually provides broadcast integration, ad-fill and distribution using SRT origins, but various OTT technology providers only provide an OTT linear HLS service which cannot integrate with the Kapang broadcast workflow.

Kapang is excited to offer OTT channels with approved technology partners to list their channels within the OTT genre via a great revenue share model exposing the service to the billion minutes viewed on the platform every month.

Channels wanting to feature in the dedicated genres can commit to a simple channel payment
or integrate with View TV Play or the View TV Boost MCN, which has been released as a record label style solution for content owners and channel brands.

Contact Nicky Scanlon at nicky.scanlon@viewtvgroup.com to get your channel featured with no additional fees with a competitive revenue share model of one-third of revenue earned.

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