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View TV sells minority stake to US Media Finance giants

View TV, a broadcaster and broadcast technology innovation company, has sold a 40% stake in its end-to-end Smart TV broadcast business to Media Finance & Private Equity firm Play.

The deal includes $50m in debt finance for the growth of its consumer platform and the creation of a direct ads and sponsorship agency for its 400 broadcasters.

View TV believes the future of television is a more efficient cable model supported by on-demand content portfolios comprising free-to-air and subscription-based models to deliver cord-cutting replacement television service to deliver live sports, premium news and the best in entertainment using a FAST hybrid model, FAST2.0.

View TV consists of four subsidiaries, Broadcast Technology, Advertising Sales, a Consumer Media Platform and a content company operating more than 35 O&O global FAST channels.

View TV has recently launched View TV Sports and View TV Local as low-cost quick-start scenarios for Sports Teams and Local News operators to deliver sustainable revenues.

Both solutions are supported by their BroadcastCDN product, which provides existing over-the-air broadcasters with a simple shift to Streaming Television services with global distribution.

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Kapang TV is the View TV Consumer Platform

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