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View TV Group Announces the Volty Channel to be rebuilt on the FAST 2.0 Standard for Broadcast-Grade TV

Los Angeles CA – May 11, 2022 – Off the back of NAB 2022, View TV Group has announced that Volty the unique channel featuring only electric vehicles currently a FAST channel, has aligned with and will be rebuilt using the FAST 2.0 Standard.

, Jamie Branson

“Volty is the world’s largest collection of electric vehicle content and the only TV channel catering to EV enthusiasts,” said Jamie Branson, CEO View TV Group.

“Volty showcases electric vehicles including cars, trucks, vans, semi’s, motorcycles, and aircraft – if it moves on electricity, they’ve got it on Volty. This includes linear, live, and on-demand videos created by EV manufacturers and content producers showing documentaries and shows about electric vehicles with extras like related EV series, music, news, events, sports, and much more, all in one place!” added Jamie.

“The fast 2.0 specification converges the best of traditional TV with the best of FAST with the intention of increasing the engagement of premium brands, advertisers, and broadcast TV and getting a better deal for content and channel owners irrespective of platform, which we want to get Volty out to as many people as possible to achieve our mission,” said Riz Nwosu, CEO Volty

The rebuilt Volty will appear on the View TV Group Connected Television (CTV) platform, Kapang broadcasting in the UK and US. The channel feed will then be available to place on any other platform free of any fixed charge/connector fee and using View TV Group’s broadcast content delivery networks (CDN).


Volty Live is our Linear TV delivering 24/7 electric vehicle-centric programming. Our live TV offers a continuous stream of EV content from the world’s top EV manufacturers and content producers. No need to spend time scrolling through hundreds of unique videos on Volty. Simply tune in to Volty, sit back, and relax while Volty does the driving – just like Tesla’s Autopilot.

Global interest and enthusiasm for electric vehicles has been on a meteoric rise since Tesla Motors showed the world that EVs can be fun, sleek, and most of all practical. Volty aims to nurture and foster a virtuous cycle of awareness, desire, and demand by providing consumers with a one-stop destination for all content and information about EVs. Volty presents an opportunity to lead the conversation around the global multi-trillion dollar electric vehicle market by articulating its economic, social, personal, and environmental benefits for all.

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