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Top 10 points to succeed as a FAST Channel

The following is a list of the Top 10 points you need to cover to get your channel to be super successful:

Point 1 – Content Selection

Choose content that people want to watch, cheap content is a long term expense, “you cannot polish a turd”. Content should have an equal quality, brand or niche so your channel is predictable, this approach always made Cable TV channels successful.

Point 2 – Channel Brand

The brand that you wrap your channel within makes all of the difference, if your channels is called “Good Animal Videos” it is not as great as “Amazing Wildlife TV” and being assocaited with an existing established brand will take any revenues from 0-60 in a few weeks. e.g. Coca Cola TV would be an instant succcess.

Point 3 – “Continuity is King”

Continuity and preductability in your content, your audience expectations and your target market. If you have a Billiards TV channel and on one day you suddely play motor racing your loyal audience are going to lose faith in your brand.


Point 4 – Make each channel look like TV

Your viewers are expecting to have a traditional TV experience when you state you are delivering a TV channel. Without the key grpahical layers, bugs, logos, branding bumpers, sponsors and ad break dnuts the channel is a play list of VOD. VOD playlist channels do not provide the right experience and are seen to be 400% less viewing hours than cable-like TV experiences.


Point 5 – Schedule Top of Clock

Starting programes on Top of the bottom of the hour or ad least on divisions of 10 or 15 minutes will provide a professional experience for a channel viewer, they are used to seeing 5 to the hour and understanding that something could be starting soon.


Point 6 – Provide strong channel branding assets.

Adding strong channel branding as animated or music based branding puts across your brand and advertisie your channel brand to register with people for a long period of time. You have to advertise yourself as much as your advertisers to make sure your viewers come back again and again.


Point 7 – Provide your channel at full 1080HD or 4K

Make sure your channel is broadcasting at the highest possible quality as viewers are used to the high quality output of Netflix and HD Cable, if it looks poor people not enjoy the experience over a long period of time.


Point 8 – Media Management

Media Management is a time consuming task, editing your content to be slick and adding ad breaks on scene changes is very important to the experience of a great television or vod platform experience.


Point 9 – Scheduling Curation

The art of TV is playing content at the time of the day that people would prefer to watch, so do not put Horror movies on at breakfast time and do not put childrens content on at 11pm.


Point 10 – Make sure you market your brand & channel

Your channel is not marketed by the platforms, they market their platform which contains 50-300 channels, you need to get your content marketing and brand marketing to the right people to make sure you are selected from the multiple channels available on each platform.



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