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ShowHeroes CTV Innovation Team Launches Custom Animations

ShowHeroes CTV Innovation are a global leader in digital video content, tech, and advertising solutions. ShowHeroes CTV Innovation continues the extension of its creative services with the launch of Custom Animations for CTV. 

This innovative and highly customisable format is designed to elevate brand experiences on connected TV (CTV) platforms. It will yield high levels of engagement because of the incorporation of interactive elements and animations, e.g. QR codes. Which is done on the frame of the ad creative. They will make this product available across all of ShowHeroes’ markets. It will be offered in two distinct levels: Custom QR Code and Full Custom Animation.

Custom QR Code:

This level of customization revolves around the QR code, providing brands with the ability to incorporate their logo and key elements tailored to their brand identity. The result is a visually captivating and brand-aligned animated QR code.

Full Custom Animation:

Ultimately by going a step further, Full Custom Animation extends the animation to the entire frame surrounding the video. This level of customization takes part of the screen presence and integrates a wide range of eye-catching and intriguing animations. What’s more, this enables users to access more information about the product. This can either be via scannning the advertiser’s website, or exploring promotional offers.

In the meantime, to ensure the perfect execution of each brand’s vision, ShowHeroes offers a comprehensive consulting process. This is achieved by working closely with agencies to present creative proposals and facilitate a seamless transition into production. ShowHeroes Studios is our in-house content arm renowned for its expertise in video production and commercials. Predominantly this is the main driver behind this addition to the CTV ad solutions portfolio.

“At ShowHeroes CTV Innovation, we continuously strive to revolutionize the digital advertising landscape, and the launch of Custom Animations for CTV is a testament to that commitment. It’s the next milestone of the newly formed CTV Innovation Team and extends our creative offerings for the CTV screen,” says Sarah Lewis, global director CTV.

Sabela Ruiz, who is the global senior of commercial products said.“Meanwhile, the unlimited potential for brand interaction lies in the ability of QR codes on CTV to generate immediate engagement on second screens.”. “Being able to measure the user’s interaction with the brand ultimately leads to greater ad engagement, brand recall and finally sales.” According to the ShowHeroes Group CTV study, “Why CTV Reigns Supreme in the Attention Economy” released last May, 57% of users are interested in seeing a CTV ad with a QR code included.

News Source: Little Black Book

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