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Launch a FAST Channel on platforms in days and earn revenues FASTer

Launch a FAST Channel – AST Channels have been seen as the Dotcom boom of the 2020’s, streaming technology and internet access have boomed, and Netflix has proven that you no longer need a lumpy set-top box and a sizeable monthly cable or satellite bill.

Netflix cannot cover everything with their mini-billing model, with consumers still wanting access to Live Sports and Live News, which are only provided as part of a linear service.

What is FAST, and where did it come from?

FAST TV stands for free ad-supported streaming television, a streaming service that lets you watch various content on different channels without paying a subscription fee. All viewers have to do is watch some ads during scheduled breaks, just like traditional TV. FAST TV differs from platforms offering user-generated content, such as YouTube and Twitch, or subscription-based services, such as Netflix and Hulu, as it provides curated content at zero cost.

FAST has been seen to be one of the services consumers opt for as part of their cord-cutting options and allows them to watch linear broadcasting just the way they always have, but the originally evolved FAST revenue model cannot sustain traditional television network overheads.

What are FAST TV Services, and do they provide a cord-cutting experience?

Some popular FAST TV services include Pluto TV, The Roku Channel, and Tubi. These services offer hundreds of channels that feature shows and movies from different genres, networks, and studios. You can also find channels dedicated to specific shows, such as Star Trek, I Love Lucy or local news stations from major cities. You don’t need to create an account to watch most of these services, making them easy to access and use.

What is the main appeal of FAST TV to consumers?

The main appeal of FAST TV to a consumer is that it takes away the choice and stress of picking what to watch from a vast library of on-demand content. Sometimes, you want to zone out and watch whatever is on without worrying about missing anything or committing to a binge-watch. FAST TV gives you that option while providing you with a lot of variety and quality content for free.

Why are more broadcasters not adopting FAST?

View TV noticed the problems with FAST; if you were not in the game a few years ago, the speed to enter now is slow, even for significant broadcasters. The major broadcasters have the services, content and curation the audience desires, but the first to market are commanding to retain their podium positions at the viewer’s expense.

Can the View TV solution avoid the barriers to entry?

View TV launched Kapang as a disrupting FAST TV Service but with subscription upgrades to mimic the cord-cutting experience that audiences want. Unlike other FAST services, Kapang does not take revenue shares and has 900 EPG channel allocations across 16 genres in the UK & USA with no lengthy onboarding selection processes. You can launch within 7 days if your channel is compliant and ready to broadcast, with the only requirements around ad minutes per day, quality of broadcast and content legalities.

Kapang takes no responsibility for the success of the channel. Kapang is a technology solution like a cable box always was, and YouTube still is; it resembles a hybrid of a private app and a FAST service. Drive the traffic to your Kapang FAST Channel, earn 100% of the ad revenues and retain all sponsorships in exchange for standard SaaS charges for a proven managed solution. Kapang avoids broadcasters having to launch an expensive private suite of apps to avoid revenue shares by providing a single app across multiple broadcasters.

The Kapang solution provides any broadcaster with the solution to launch a sister brand, simulcast the major brand or create brand new services via a single dashboard, allowing anyone to buy themselves into a more lucrative version of FAST.

Other problems resolved by Kapang include a live audience and revenue dashboard for all channels, a 7-day DVR, advertising revenues presented weekly. Additionally earnings paid within 28 days to allow broadcasters to confidently invest in content and marketing to drive audiences with a sustainable cash flow and return on investment.

Why is Kapang & View TV Streaming TV FAST different?

Launch a FAST Channel within 7 days, with simple costs: deliver an SRT or HLS M3U8 from your existing playout solution. Then provide an advertising VAST Tag from your chosen agency, and provide many branded graphics. Kapang will do the rest.

If you pay for the service, you can launch one or twenty-one channels with a global reach or restricted by Geo as appropriate.

What are the costs of Kapang & View TV?

All Channels receive 100% of advertising earnings with the following costs:

  1. Ingest the channel and process on the platform from $0.10 per hour with a minimum of 120,000 hours per year.
  2. All costs include CDN, SSAI, Monitoring, Ad-tech and Onboarding.
  3. All channels retain 100% of advertising earnings from the existing advertising provider.
  4. Kapang will backfill 100% of ad breaks with a $3.25/cpm success rate.
  5. GPU-powered Linear TV Playout can be included if the number of committed hours is >240,000 hours per year.
  6. View TV also announced a managed playout service for content companies wanting to send a schedule for an additional $7,770/month.

Message Don Cardone to understand more at – don.cardone@viewtvx.com

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