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Streaming Media Mentor & FAST Channel Expert

Streaming TV gets Super Smart for Cord-cutting audiences

Kapang has launched several Streaming TV Channels, FAST Channels, and Content provider revenue models to provide a sustainable future for television and channel content production ecosystems.

Kapang is delivering more than 250 ad-funded linear FAST channels using addressable and programmatic trading to monetize the viewership

What is FAST Channel Streaming?

FAST channels are linear channels that stream content over the internet for free, supported by ads. FAST stands for Free Ad-Supported TV, and it is a type of over-the-top (OTT) platform that mimics traditional TV. Users can watch a variety of shows and movies on FAST channels without having to choose what to watch or pay for a subscription. FAST channels are available on connected TV (CTV) devices, such as smart TVs, Roku, Apple TV, and smartphones. Some of the popular FAST services include Pluto TV, Tubi, IMDb TV, and The Roku Channel.

With Kapang you have no concerns about being a selected platform channel, with 900 slots available you reserve your Streaming EPG number and launch within a few days with full monetization.

What is addressable advertising?

Addressable advertising is a type of advertising that reaches a specific audience based on their interests, preferences, or data. It can be used on any device, but it is especially relevant for TV, where different ads can be shown to different households watching the same program. Addressable advertising is measurable, saves money, and increases relevancy and engagement. It is a growing business in the TV ad industry.

How can I launch a FAST Channel?

With Kapang you have many options for origin creation starting with Amagi and then any other linear TV channel scheduling solution whilst providing Kapang with either an SRT or HLS feed.

Many different options exist to provide premium EPG positioning, 1080HD and 4K feeds plus cross-channel marketing and home screen promotional tools to get you more subscribed viewers generating more than $0.35/hour watched.

Kapang is managed and delivered by View TV Studios and you can get your channel launched within a few days via the View TV Broadcast CDN


Kapang drives Streaming TV & FAST channels into profit.

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