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Nearly half of FAST channel viewers show high TV ad-receptivity

The free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) sector has surged over recent months and a new report from LG Ads Solutions has shown that this increase shows not only shows no sign of stopping but also will present advertisers with a lucrative future.

The survey, carried out with Leflein Associates, surveyed 1,500 US adults from CTV households to examine consumer adoption, attitudes, usage and perceptions of FAST channels.

Of the standout findings, the survey revealed that nearly half (44%) of FAST channel viewers demonstrated high TV ad-receptivity, surpassing viewers of linear and other TV services and as many as 69% said ads on FAST channels are more relevant and targeted to their interests.

Of the study’s FAST channel viewers, 58% identified as male while 45% were between the ages of 35-54. This compared with 36% of cable/satellite TV subscribers. The average household income for FAST channel viewers was found to be $75,000 per year, meaning that this group has a larger purchasing power compared with other audience groups. Just over three-fifths of regular FAST channel viewers were employed and 45% completed a college degree. Almost two-fifths had children under 18 in the household (compared with other viewers) allowing said LG Ads Solutions for brands focused on parents/children to target these audiences more efficiently on FASTs than on other viewing platforms.

When it came to the kind of audiences watching FAST Channels and the content they are most interested in, the study found that regular FAST viewers were in the market for technological products such as smartphones, tech accessories, computers and game consoles, among others. This, observed LG Ads Solutions, made makes them a very viable audience for advertisers who are in the consumer tech space.

Of the FAST Channel users surveyed, 64% said that they were likely to purchase a mobile phone in the next 6 months, while 61% were likely to purchase other tech accessories such as headphones, speakers and controllers. These numbers were higher for FAST Channel viewers than cable or satellite TV viewers.

News Source: Rapid TV News

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