Jamie Branson

Streaming Media Mentor & FAST Channel Expert

FAST Channel Expert delivering amazing results

FAST Channel Expert, Jamie Branson, delivers amazing results for any streaming broadcaster and content library owners.

Jamie Branson is the founder and CEO of View TV, a company that specializes in providing streaming TV solutions for broadcasters and content creators. Jamie Branson is a digital media specialist and investor who has over 20 years of experience in the TV industry. He is also a visionary and innovator who has developed several platforms and products that aim to revolutionize the TV landscape.

FAST Channel Expert delivering result from CTV Distribution

One of the platforms that Jamie Branson has created is Kapang, a connected TV platform that offers fast and easy onboarding for streaming TV channels. Kapang guarantees 100% ad-fill for a great audience experience and has 50 channel EPG slots available in the UK and 75 slots available in the USA. Kapang enables broadcasters and content creators to extend their reach to a large and global audience of CTV users, as well as to monetize their content through various ad revenue models.

Another product that Jamie Branson has developed is FAST Plus, a solution that takes the positives of FAST Channel Broadcasting and marries it with decades of learning in over-the-air broadcasting. FAST Plus covers the main points requested by traditional broadcasters, such as minimal change in the current business operations and practices, a revenue model to sustain and grow revenues, and a service that requires no additional broadcast knowledge or skills.

Rathergood FAST Channels is a proving point

Jamie Branson is also the founder of Rathergood TV, a platform that features original and exclusive content from various genres and categories, such as comedy, music, animation, and more. Rathergood is a platform for creative and talented people who want to showcase their work to a global audience.

Jamie Branson is a leader and an expert in the streaming TV industry. He is passionate about creating and delivering the best TV content to the viewers. He is also committed to empowering and supporting the broadcasters and content creators who want to join the future of TV broadcasting.

Live Sports Streaming for global niche audiences
Live Sports Streaming for global niche audiences

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