Traditionally, and from its inception, television has been technology-heavy with complex and costly distribution networks and manned by highly skilled staff in many discrete roles that are all required to link viewers to a TV studio or broadcast centre.

Traditional TV

The context for change is driven by the way viewers now want to enjoy TV; wherever and whenever they want and the availability of the internet. These represent a huge challenge to the heavy traditional TV culture and environment as Connected TV (or CTV, any viewing device connected to the internet) is the future.

Digital TV – Connected to the Internet

View TV Group, a group of companies fronted by Dr Jamie Branson, ex-Broadcast Projects Director across major brands, has developed Kapang, a CTV solution that the industry needs in order to change and to provide consumers with what they want. The learning from the success of subscription video on demand (SVOD) such as Netflix and Amazon Prime and advertising video on demand (AVOD) such as ITV, has been applied to our broadcast television solution, which is facilitated by five aligned group companies covering channel creationbroadcast distributionmonetisationchannel management and audience platform.

View TV Group is leading the way in introducing a culture for change, new technology and distribution fit for TV today and tomorrow. Audiences want a traditional TV ‘look and feel and content owners want to provide that but with realistic profit margins. View TV Group has an end-to-end technical and distribution capability to achieve both, in Kapang.

What Kapang Does

Kapang is our platform that is the equivalent of a cable television provider such as Virgin Media/Verizon but with distribution over the internet. Kapang reduces complexity, enables faster time to market, lower staffing costs and delivers audience revenue technology that provides addressable advertising for higher revenues. This is delivered to viewers in HD for an experience comparable to that of traditional TV.

Broadcasting national, local and our own TV and radio content, viewers using Kapang apps or websites will enjoy a variety of linear and video on-demand programmes on any device connected to the internet, across multiple channels in the UK, US and Australia. Kapang can also be licenced for broadcast, with advertising, globally outside these three countries.

Audience attracts advertisers and our addressable advertising targets specific channels and content, time of day the ad was broadcast and location, which attracts higher ad revenues. As the broadcast is over the internet, we can automatically detect and collect how many programme hours and the number of ads that were viewed in real time, which can be available to content owners to manage revenue.

Benefits for Content Producers and Owners

Content producers and owners carry the greatest cost in the broadcast value chain but are at the mercy of the often, traditional cost, of broadcast and distribution. View TV Group have substantially lowered broadcast cost and have enabled all ad revenue to the channel and content owners.

Competitors to Kapang e.g. Virgin Media, Pluto, and Xumo may have some of the advantages mentioned above but none of them has all the advantages that Kapang has in one end-to-end solution. Crucially, Kapang delivers everything the viewer wants and at the same time generates the core advertising revenue for content producers and owners, which increases profitability.

View TV Group was formally the supplier to major global platforms, trading more than ½ billion adverts per month and other smaller clients until recently. Those years of learning and providing that support are now being used to outperform them with our approach, at scale and the existing agreements have been novated to concentrate our efforts.

View TV Group has an efficient end-to-end TV broadcast solution and capability with full monetization and global reach.