Date:   October 4, 2012
Client:   Real Time Race
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Real Video Gaming using military technology….    is it possible?

Picture yourself at home on a Sunday afternoon. Your favourite motor race is just about to start on television. You’re making yourself comfortable to enjoy a few hours of exhilarating entertainment. But today’s a little different!

Today you’re going to join the race – in real time! You’ve selected your car, you’re on the starting grid and you’re just about to race against the likes of Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton – it’s the stuff of dreams! You’re on a ‘real’ track, with ‘real’ surroundings, racing against ‘real’ drivers in ‘real’ time.

This is unlike any other environment you’ll have ever experienced – that’s because it’s ‘real’! Real Time Race is unique, exciting and challenging – and it’s the future of interactive sports television.

Difficult to imagine? Why not take a look at our video – this could be you!

The system will work with any motor sport, Formula 1, Rally, Nascar. It will even work with skiing, mountain biking, equine eventing and water sports etc? Getting the picture?

For the future imagine the fun you could have during the 2012 Olympics?