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So what is Jamie Branson all about?



Successful Digital Business

Building a successful digital business is all about product innovation, the right people and some serious elbow grease.   Over the years Jamie has learned from industry professionals and hard experience, now he is devoted to providing hands on support for people looking to cover the same journey and aid individuals and start-ups in avoiding the same pitfalls.  Jamie has been mentoring various start-ups to look at exit strategy and maximising business value with some astounding results.


Interactive Media

Interactive Media and Second Screen technologies are the future and are here to stay……  Following the journey of this progression has been an experience for Jamie and with the speed of home broadband and the size and power of portable devices and mobile phones there are no longer any limitations on how people can interact in the digital world.  Jamie has extensive knowledge in this industry and has covered many achievements in using Online Media to interact with Audiences.

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Television & Video

Due to the limitations with video on demand providers back in 2007, Jamie had no choice but to create a Video Production company to create engaging content for the interactive online platforms of customers.  He found that traditional production companies did not realise the difference between the two style of broadcasting and had to find his own team.  Due to the success of this content, Jamie has a love of creating engaging content and although he is no director the drive to produce engaging content with the right team is something of a driver for Jamie.


Cars & Motoring

Cars have been a way of life for Jamie, it has always been his weakness spending money on four wheeled machines.  Over the years he has had many cars from the cheap to the ridiculously expensive, but as he originally trained as an Automotive Designer I guess it was bound to happen.   Jamie is in the process of launching an online video channel and web portal called OnlyMotors to merge his love of Engineering with his love of the media industry.

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Property Development

Jamie always wanted to be an architect, although at an early age was convinced by a careers advisor that an automotive career would be more enjoyable due to the deep rooted motoring passion.  Jamie has always wanted to develop innovative and contemporary properties and is now embarking on what he is calling “a new hobby”.  With a number of plans for the next three years I would suggest we watch this space for more on this new phase in the property development sector, although it will always become tertiary to that of cars and media.

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